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Bid history for item: 7 - MaxBids are not disclosed! New Year's Restaurant Equipment Consignment Online Auction - Sale by Affiliate Seller Florida - Auction End Date: Monday January 16th at 9:00pm EST - 9:00 pm EST

Bidder Amount Time (ET) Current Winning
36880 0.01 Jan-11-2017 10:14pm 0.01 36880
49100 0.16 Jan-15-2017 11:33am 2.24 36880
49100 2.74 Jan-15-2017 11:34am 3.48 36880
49100 3.98 Jan-15-2017 11:34am 4.50 49100
11691 5.00 Jan-16-2017 8:48pm 5.68 49100

Note: If the last bidder is different than the winning bidder, the winning bidder has previously placed a MaxBid.

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