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Steak Escape, Cluck-N-Cup and warehouse Consignments in One- by Affiliate seller YourEquipmentGuys NCAL# 9995 - Auction Starts to End: Sunday, January 22nd at 8:00pm EST

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1  Items listed as TESTED WORKING have functioned while at the auction site. They are not warranted or guaranteed, and are sold "AS IS, WHERE IS" only. Transportation & Installation to and at your site can result in an issue that we did not experience here on site. Refrigeration Temperatures are not guaranteed. We turn them on and run them for a few hours and put a thermometer in them to test. If they get to temp we state that and typically photograph the thermometer. Please attend the inspection to determine the current functionality and value to you. WORKING WHEN REMOVED means the seller (not the Auctioneer) reports item in use at time of closing the store: no warranty or guarantee is provided. Please inspect items at our Preview to determine their value to you. We take many pictures of every item for your review via internet as well. All sales are final with no returns, refunds, or exchanges. Items MUST be picked up in a timely manner. We always post the pickup days. Items can stay here beyond the posted pick up time if something between the buyer and our office is agreed upon or if we are shipping to you, but please keep in mind that we have limited space. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure shipping has been set up if you require it. Items that are here exactly one month past the auction date will be considered abandoned and are subject to being given away, thrown away or re-sold. By placing a bid you have agreed to these terms. Thank you and Good Luck on you auction!!


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