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Kinsfolk Restaurant - Sale Held by Richmond VA Affiliate Seller - Auction Starts To End: Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

Item Description
0.Auction Inspection Date: Monday, December 12th 2016 from 11:00am - 2:00pm EST
Auction End Date: Tuesday, December 13th, 2016 at 8:00 p.m.
Pickup/Removal Dates: Wednesday, December 14th 2016 from 10:00am - 4:00pm EST THIS IS THE ONLY SCHEDULED PICK UP DAY
Location: 4444 Sarellen Rd, Henrico, VA. 23231. SHIPPING IS AVAILABLE!

Important Disclaimer: You are dealing with an affiliate seller who is an independent business utilizing the RCIauctions.com bidding platform. Each affiliate seller is solely responsible for each of their sales - RCIauctions.com is not responsible for disputes arising between buyers and sellers.

Affiliate Seller Contact Details: The seller for this sale's contact info is: 4444 Sarellen Rd, Henrico VA, 23231. Phone: 804-226-9900

1.True Three Door Stainless Steel Undercounter Cooler
72 1/2"x30"x36"
Model: TUC-72
On Casters
2.Rival Microwave
3.Star Stainless Steel Steamer
4.Delfield Undercounter Cooler
Model: 406-Star4
5.Lot of Two (2) Green Metal Bar Stools
6.Lot of Two (2) Orange Metal Bar Stools
7.Lot of Two (2) Blue Metal Bar Stools
8.Lot of Six (6) Plates
9.Lot of Three (3) Porcelain Display Plates
10.Lot of Fourteen (14) Plates
10 1/2"
11.Lot of Thirteen (13) Plates
6 1/2"
12.Lot of Ten (10) Plates
13.Lot of Fifteen (15) Plates
14.National Cash Register
No Key
15.Hp Printer
16.Carnival King Waffle Press
17.Beverage Solutions Freezer
26"x 27"x44"
18.Cecilware Espresso Machine
19.Rigid Wet/Dry Vaccum
20.Cadco Convection Oven
21.Delfield Stainless Steel Undercounter Cooler
22.Lot of Eighteen (18) Plates
6 1/2"
23.Lot of Six (6) Porcelian Bowls
24.Lot of Eight (8) Plates
10 1/2"
25.Lot of Ten (10) Plates
26.Lot of Eight (8) Plates
10 1/2"
27.Lot of Thirtyone (31) Glass Plates
6 1/4"
28.Lot of Six (6) Plates
29.Lot of Nine (9) Colorful Plates
30.Lot of Nine (9) Platters
31.Lot of Nine (9) Plates
11 3/4"
32.Lot of Ten (10) Plates
10 1/2"
33.Lot of Twelve (12) Plates
10 1/2"
34.Lot of Two (2) Frying Pans
35.Lot of Two (2) Frying Pans
36.Lot of Two (2) Frying Pans
37.Lot of Seven (7) Mini Cast Iron Skillets
38.Miscellanous Lot of Sauce Bowls
39.Lot of Six (6) Full Size Sheet Pans
40.Miscellanous Lot of Baking Pans
41.Lot of Eleven (11) Food Pans
42.Black Plastic Trash Can
43.Berkel Slicer
For Parts Only
44.Lasko Fan
45.Hisense Portable Air Conditioner
46.Hisense Portable Air Conditioner
47.Miscellanous Lot of Clear Salad Plates
48.Lot of Fifty-four (54) Plates
49.Lot of Sixty-four (64) Plates
50.Lot of Eighty-one (81) Plates
51.Lot of Fifteen (15) Plates
52.Lot of Twenty-nine (29) Plates
53.Lot of Twenty-four (24) Plates
54.Lot of Twenty-six (26) Plates
55.Lot of Fifty-three (53) Plates
56.Lot of Thirty-six (36) Plates
57.Lot of Sixty-four (64) Plates
58.Frigidaire Air Conditioner
59.Delfield Undercounter Cooler
Model: 406-STARZ
60.Lot of Glass Bowls
61.Miscellanous Lot of Dessert Glasses
62.Wire Cart
3 Shelves
On Casters
63.Lot of Thirty (30) Plates
64.Miscellanous Lot
Includes Pans/Bowls/Masher
65.Lot of Two (2) Umbrella Stands
66.Box of Portion Cups
Includes Lids
67.Vita-Mix Blender
No Lid
68.Box of Porcelain Plates
7 1/2"
69.Miscellanous Lot
Includes Salad Plates/Sauce Bowls
70.Box of Drinking Glasses
71.Box of Various Drinking Glasses
72.Miscellanous Lot of Plates
73.Box of Soup Plates
74.Lot of Plastic Sporks
75.Lot of Plates
6 1/2"
76.Lot of Skinny Glass Cups
77.Lot of Mini Glass Cups
78.Various Plastic Containers
79.Lot of Two (2) Highchairs
80.Lot of Two (2) Fry Baskets
81.Plastic Trash Can
No Lid
82.Bunn Coffee Grinder
Model: GA1RD
83.Scotsman Ice Maker
Model: AFE400A-1A
84.Lot of Two (2) Dishwashing Racks
85.Master-Bilt Three Door Merchandiser
12 Shelves
Model: BMG-74A
86.True Two Door Mercandiser
10 Shelves
Model: GDM-49F
87.Open Sign
88.Mop Bucket
89.Lot of Two (2) 12" Ticket Racks
90.Trash Can
On Casters
91.Lot of Eighteen (18) Decorated Plates
92.Miscellaneous Lot of Glasses
93.Lot of Forty-five (45) Plastic Baskets
94.Lot of Nine (9) Plastic Containers
Includes Lids
95.Delfield Stainless Steel Two Door Refrigerator
6 Shelves
Works But Does Not Cool
96.Cleveland Double Decker Steamer
Model: 21CETS
97.Three Bay Stainless Steel Sink
Includes Faucet
98.Single Bay Stainless Steel Sink
Includes Faucet
99.Electrolux Stainless Steel Squeeze Bottle Cooler
100.True Three Door Mercandiser
7 Shelves
Model: GDM-72
Works But Does Not Cool


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