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Category: ALL (204 records) Archive: La Salsa Fresh Mexican Grill ONLINE Auction - Rolling Close Begins 7 p.m.Central Time, Thursday, December 7th
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0 La SALSA FRESH MEXICAN GRILL ONLINE AUCTION, AUSTIN TEXAS All items are sold "AS IS, WHERE IS", with no warranty stated or implied. By placing a bid, the Buyer agrees to terms of sale and acknowledges the seller makes no warranty or promise by the sale of the offered items. Seller does not warrant the condition, usefulness or suitability of any item to any specific use by the buyer. Neither the seller nor the auctioneer hold any responsibility for any item after the instant of sale. Removal, transportation and re-installation of each item are entirely at the risk of the purchaser. AUCTIONEER'S NOTE : No warranty is expressed or implied . Inspection is always encouraged so that prospective bidders may determine the value of items they are considering. Failure to inspect an item is at your risk entirely. All items are sold "As Is, Where Is", with no warranty expressed or implied. No refunds, exchanges or returns are allowed. YOUR BID IS A PROMISE TO PAY : Please keep in mind that each bid you make is a binding contract to buy the item if you win. Invoices are sent shortly after the auction closes and must be paid prior to removal of items. Contact us concerning your preferred method of payment. We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, PayPal, Cash and Cashier’s Checks. Unpaid invoices are charged to your credit card on file the afternoon of the day following the close of this auction. Please contact the auctioneer if you will be paying with cash at the time of pick up. NEW PAYMENT PLATFORM: We now offer payment through, which allows you to use any credit card. If you do not use our emailed link to, we will charge your card on file the afternoon after the sale. BUYERS PREMIUM: 15%. If your winning bid is $100, you will be charged $115 at checkout. Accepted payment methods include American Express, VISA/MasterCard, Discover, PayPal, and cash. LOCATION OF SALE: Sale is conducted online, with the pre-sale inspection and item pick at the Austin Warehouse, 1807 Aldridge Dr, Austin, TX 78754. Sale is conducted online, through this website, with no other purchase options available. See unique shipping info below. Contact auctioneer with all questions. DYNAMIC ROLLING CLOSE: Our auction closes at a rate of 3 items per minute, and bidding remains open on any unclosed item. The closing time of an asset is automatically extended by three minutes whenever a bid is placed within the last three minutes of an asset’s closing time. The sale continues until each item is sold. A 250 item sale would typically take under 90 minutes to close. PREVIEW and INSPECTION DATE: Wednesday, Dec 6th at the Austin warehouse, 1807 Aldridge Dr, Austin TX 78754 from 11am. until 5pm. ROLLING CLOSE BEGINS: 7 pm Central Time, Thursday, Dec 7th. Sale will take under 90 minutes to close. PICK UP AND REMOVAL DATES: Pick up is scheduled for Saturday, Dec 9th, from 11am until 5 pm. No Additional pick up time is scheduled. Additional Fees may be charged for late pick up or storage. Avoid disappointment or confusion by contacting the Auctioneer at 210.264.4176 with any removal concerns. SALES TAX: at this location is 8.25% All items are subject to sales tax unless a current Texas Sales Tax and Resale Certificate is presented or on file with RCI South Texas. Printable forms are available at: Texas Resale & Use Tax Website IMPORTANT UNIQUE SHIPPING SITUATION : Palleting and shipping is not available from this location. Items must be transported at your additional cost to our shipping facility in San Antonio.. Please contact auctioneer BILL OZ, 210.264.4176, to arrange shipping. Buyer must send an email authorizing shipping. To ship any item from this sale you will incur transportation costs from Austin to San Antonio in addition to our regular handling fee and the actual Fed Ex or Motor Freight fee. AVOID CONFUSION AND DISAPPOINTMENT by contacting auctioneer for clarification. 210.264.4176. MORE SHIPPING INFO: No shipping is available on Ceramic Dinnerware and Ceramic plates Cups, Etc., Neon Signs, Mirrors, Framed Art, Safes, and some other Items. Contact Auctioneer if you are uncertain. Verbal shipping instructions will not be accepted. In addition to the transportation cost to our San Antonio shipping location, you will pay the actual shipping charge, plus a handling fee of $8 per box, or $75 per pallet for standard items. Oversize pallets or hard to handle items will incur additional fees. Please contact auctioneer to confirm shipping availability on your potential purpose. By placing a bid you acknowledge agreement with our terms and conditions . Thank you for looking at our current auction. Please contact the auctioneer with questions: Bill – 210.264.4176  
1 DO NOT BID ON ITEM 1. NO ITEM IS OFFERED HERE! AUCTIONEER NOTES ONLY! LaSalsa Mexican Grill recently closed its Far West location and is offering all items in a no minimum no reserve online auction. Additional items are available in this auction. All items are sold without any warranty or guarantee , and become the property of the buyer at the instant of sale, with no refunds, exchanges or buy backs. Please consult our terms at: Shipping on this sale originates in San Antonio. You will pay transportation costs from the sale site in Austin to the shopping site in San Antonio. This is in addition to our standard handling fee and the actual shipping costs. Contact Auctioneer for clarification.  
2Cintas First Aid Box With Misc. Supplies Included, Wall Mount, 19" x 17" x 6" Dee'. 18.10
3Lot of 6 Stainless Steel Slotted Spoons, 13" Long With Handle. 6 Times Your Bid. 16.50
4Lot of 6 Stainless Steel Ladles, 12 Oz. Capacity. 6 Times Your Bid. 30.00
5Lot of 2 Stainless Steel Ladles, 8 Oz. Capacity. 2 Times Your Bid. 7.00
6Lot of 3 Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensils, 16" Whisk, 16" Tongs, 18" Skimmer. 3 Times Your Bid. 4.50
7Lot of 4 Stainless Steel Food Service Pans, NSF, 1/6 Size x 6" Deep. 4 Times Your Bid. 8.00
8Lot of 2 Stainless Steel Insert Pans, 21" x 14" x 7" Deep. w Times Your Bid. 12.00
9Lot of 4 Cambro Food Storage Containers, NO Lids, Includes: 3-1/6 Size x 6" Deep, 1-1/6 Size x 4" Deep. 4 Times Your Bid. 0.44
10Lot of 5 Stainless Steel Steam Table Pans, NSF, 1/2 Size x 6" Deep, WITH Lids. 5 Times Your Bid. 32.50
11Lot of 5 Stainless Steel Steam Table Pans, NSF, 1/2 Size x 6" Deep, WITH Lids. 5 Times Your Bid. 42.50
12Lot of 2 Items, Includes: 1-12" Strainer With 18" Handle, 1-Filter Holder With Supports, 10" Dia. 2 Times Your Bid. 1.12
13Lot Of 5 Kitchen Items, Includes: 4-Food Storage Containers, 18" x 26", 1-Perforated Tray, Strainer Style, 18" x 26", Includes 1 Lid. 4 Times Your Bid. 0.04
14Lot of 2 Groups of Salad Dressing Containers Includes: 1-5 @ 7" x 7", 1-5 @ 5" x 5". 2 Times Your Bid. 0.62
15Lot of 2 Wooden High Chairs, 18" x 18" x 27" High. 2 Times Your Bid. 24.00
16Lot of 2 Stainless Steel Insert Pans, 21" x 14" x 7" Deep. w Times Your Bid. 2.00
17Lot of 2 Printers With Cables, Cords, & 1 Card Reader. 2 Times Your Bid. 44.02
18Large Lot of Misc. Electronic Items, Includes: 1-Dell Optiplex 320, 1-Dell XP Pro, 1-2CPU DHP, 1-Touch LCD 15" Monitor, 1-Dell 19" Screen 1905FP, Misc. Cords, 2-Mouse. All One Bid. 33.00
19Peavy UMA 35T Mixer/Amplifier With Power Cord, 16" x 17" x 4". 52.00
20Bright Steel Metro Shelving Unit, 4 Shelves, 18" x 48" x 86". 12.20
21Imperial Brand Stainless Steel Deep Fryer, Natural Gas, 3 Burners, 40 Pound Capacity, 16" x 32" x 46" High. 400.00
22True Brand Glass Door Beverage Cooler, Model #JDM-23, 115V, NSF, $ Shelves, 27" x 30" x 72. Tested Working. 310.00
23Stainless Steel Drop-In Insulated Beverage Well With Drain, 21" x 63" x 7" Deep. 70.00
24Curtis Brand Tea Dispenser, 4 Gallon Capacity, With Spigot & Lid, 11" x 16" x 22" Tall. 24.00
25Lot of 2 Groups OF 12 Food Service Trays Each, 12" X 17". 2 Times Your Bid. 8.36
26Lot of 3 Groups of 7 Combo Baskets Each, Thunder Group Brand, Model #PLBK1034, 11" x 7". 3 Times Your Bid. 9.06
27Metro Style Shelf With Wall Brackets, 48" x 14". 29.00
28Handwash Sink With Faucet Set, Right Side Splash Guard, 15" x 18" x 12". 75.00
29Chafing Set With Pan & Lid, Includes Base Steam Pan, Restaurant Pan & Lid, Appears Complete, 24" x 14" x 12". 20.00
30Taco Fry Basket, 8 Slot With 8 Shell Holders, 22" x 7" x 9". 1.00
31Enamelware Roasting Pan, With 2 Handles & Lid. 2.50
32Lot of 3 Frying Pans, 8" Dia. plus Handles. 3 Times Your Bid. 1.23
33Lot of 3 Frying Pans, Includes: 1-10" Dia. plus Handle, 2-12" Dia. plus Handle. 3 Times Your Bid. 1.23
3414" Dia. Heavy Duty Frying Pan Plus 10" Handle. 5.00
35Rubbermaid Ingredient Bin, 10 Gallon Capacity. 10.00
36Lot of 3 Cambro Food Storage Bins WITH Lids, NSF, 26" x 18" x 9" Deep. 3 Times Your Bid. 12.00
37Lot of 2 Metal Point of Sale Display for Business Cards & Carryout Menus, 19" x 19" x 6". 2 Times Your Bid. 5.32
38Hanging "Order" Sign, 12" x 5" x 1". 2.01
39Carpet Runner, Alsco Brand, 4 Ft. x 6 Ft., With No Skid Cleated Back, Date of Manufacture - Jan. 2017. 10.00
40Lot of 2 Nylon Cutting Boards, 1-12" x 18" x 1", 1-15" x 20" x 1". 2 Times Your Bid. 8.00
41Carpet Runner, Alsco Brand, 4 Ft. x 6 Ft., With No Skid Cleated Back, Date of Manufacture - Aug. 2017. 6.00
42Carpet Runner, Alsco Brand, 4 Ft. x 6 Ft., With No Skid Cleated Back, Date of Manufacture - Jan. 2017. 5.00
43La Salsa Themed Carpet Runner, 30" x 55". 3.00
44Badger Fire Extinguisher, Model #5MB6H, Dry Chem, 5#. 9.00
45Salad Spinner, Complete, 18" x 18", Tested, Working. 20.00
46Folgers Brand Decaf Air Pot, 2.2 Liter Capacity, Tested & Working. 6.00
47Pelouze Ingredient Scale, 3# Capacity, NSF, Stainless Steel. 6.00
48Bunn Digital Tea & Coffee Brewer With Filter Holder Basket. Has hot water function. Working when removed. 70.00
49LED "Open" Sign, 25" x 11" x 2", Tested Working, 2 Flash Patterns, Switch, Hanging Chains, 110V. 32.00

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