Title 8 Fresh Mexican Restaurant and Consignment Auction - Sale by East Syracuse Affiliate Seller
Date & Time Auction Starts to End: Monday, November 18th, 2019 at 7:00pm EST
Location 304 West Second St, East Syracuse, NY 13057(East Syracuse, NY- RCI Warehouse)

End Date: Monday, November 18th, 2019 at 7:00pm EST
Location: 304 West Second St, East Syracuse, NY 13057 East Syracuse NY Warehouse Location

Contact:This restaurant equipment liquidation online auction is based in the sellers East Syracuse NY warehouse location with shipping options available. Please contact Frank at 315-427-5544 with any questions.

Important: You are dealing with a local business owner utilizing the RCI bidding platform to sell items. Preview is recommended to check for completeness and functionality of all items. has no responsibility for items sold through this sale. If you have any questions please call the seller at 315-427-5544 with any questions.

Highlight Items Include: Biro Meat Grinder, Atosa Stainless Steel 2 Door Cooler, Coldelite Ice Cream Machine, Manitowoc Ice Machine, Frymaster Electric Fryers, Hatco Fla-r-Savor Holding Cabinet, Turbo Air Prep Unit, Stainless Steel Tables, Kitchen Aid Dishwasher, Frigidaire Freezers, Steam Table, Glas Tender Lettuce Crisper, Texican Tostada Dispenser, Norlake Ice Cream Dipping Case, Vito Mix Blenders, Scooter, Speakers, Brooms, Paper Products, Cleaning Products, Gloves, Garland Electric Stove And Griddle, 60” True Prep Unit, Cappuccino Machine, 27” Turbo Air Prep Unit, True 2 Door Stainless Steel Cooler, Filing Cabinets, Stools, Robot Coupe, High Chair, Wood Chairs, Stainless Steel Food Pans, Outdoor Table and Chairs, Stainless Steel Grill, Lincoln Impinger Ovens, plus many more items!

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Auction Inspection Date: MONDAY, November 18th, 2019 FROM 11AM TO 2PM
Auction End date: Monday, November 18th, 2019 at 7:00pm EST
Pickup/Removal Dates: WEDNESDAY, November 20th, 2019 and THURSDAY, November 21st, 2019 FROM 10AM TO 4PM. Please Note: items not picked up on these scheduled day will be subject to a Storage Charge of $30.00 a day.

Auction Location: 304 West Second St, East Syracuse, NY 13057(East Syracuse, NY- RCI Warehouse)

Important Disclaimer: You are dealing with an affiliate seller who is an independent business utilizing the bidding platform. Each affiliate seller is solely responsible for each of their sales - is not responsible for disputes arising between buyers and sellers.

Affiliate Seller Contact Details: The seller for this sale's contact info is: 304 West Second St, East Syracuse, NY 13057. Phone: 315-427-5544


THIS IS AN INTERNET ONLY AUCTION FORMAT SALE! These are the Terms & Conditions you agree to before placing a bid so please read carefully and print this page out for your records. If you have any questions regarding these terms and details please contact the MidWest Division through the contact us page on the website.

BUYERS PREMIUM: A 15% buyer's premium will be added to each purchase. If you bid $100.00 at check out you will be charged $115.00.

SALES TAX: Collected for this auction. Please remit exemption forms via email to before the auction ends. If we do not receive the proper exemption form before the end of the auction you will be charged sales tax and you will have to apply to the state for a refund. If you are NOT charged sales tax on your invoice due to items being shipped out of State you will be responsible for paying your State's Use Tax.

PICKUP/REMOVAL OF ASSETS PURCHASED: Bidders are responsible for their own removal unless arrangements have been made for shipping. RCI will not and does not automatically ship your invoice! You must reply to your emailed invoice and let us know if you need your items shipped or if you are planning on picking up your invoice at a later date.

Any invoice/items not picked up within 7 days of the auction pickup date will be considered abandoned unless arrangements have been made for shipping and RCI has been notified. Removal shall be at the expense, liability, and risk of the purchaser. Bidder further agrees to be held personally responsible for all purchases made on their bidder number, and agrees that bidder will not charge back items which are not picked up during the published pickup/removal times. Buyer authorizes RCI to release buyer's assets to any individual in possession of the buyer's sales receipt.

PAYMENT: Accepted forms of payment include Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover card, wire transfer. We do NOT accept person checks, money orders, business checks, cashiers checks, paypal or any other type of payment not listed above. Your credit card on file will be charged for the full invoice amount unless you pay cash in person on the scheduled pickup day or call us with a different card to charge. If your credit card is DECLINED for your invoice you will be assessed a 2% fee for rerunning your credit card.

WARRANTY & CONDITION OF ITEMS SOLD: All items are sold AS IS, WHERE IS, with NO WARRANTY expressed or implied by the lot number affixed to the item. This sale is to the business community as "equipment" & "inventory" without any implied or expressed warranty. Descriptions are believed to be accurate but are not guaranteed. When you are not certain of the condition or use of an item please bid accordingly or do not bid at all. Buyers are solely responsible for inspecting items during the scheduled inspection times. Unless otherwise stated in an item description no items have been tested for functionality. RCI is a liquidation company and not a retail shop. Items listed for sale are used and carry no warranty!

DEPOSIT: A credit card authorization will be placed on your credit card on file during the bidding process. This refundable authorization protects everyone and will not allow prices to be unnecessarily driven up. The amount of this authorization will depend on the amount of current bids a bidder has. If your credit card is declined for any reason for this authorization your account will be suspended and your bids will be deleted. You will need to use the contact form on our website to let us know when you update your credit card on file and we can then activate your account.

BIDDING ERRORS: Increasing your own bids.... please be aware that many bidders routinely increase their own bid to price an item out of reach of other bidders. You should immediately review your bids before submitted. If you mistakenly increase your own bid, place your bidder number in the bid field, or make a gross error you must immediately contact our office by email using the contact form on the Contact Us Page on our website (we must have your request in writing) you must remain the high bidder. We will not reverse bids that have caused another bidder to be outbid. If you bid on the wrong item we will not reverse your bid so please make sure to review all bids before submitting. We will not reverse bids after the auction has begun to close - no exceptions.

STAGGERED CLOSING: Most of our online auctions have staggered endings. This means the online auction closes 3 items per minute. This feature will close the bidding on intervals. This feature works great with the auto-extend feature to closely emulate a 'live' auction. Some larger auctions with more lots will close 4 or 5 or even 10 items per minute. Pay close attention as items will sell fast. You can protect yourself by using the MaxBids feature which will bid up to your maximum amount automatically.

DYNAMIC CLOSING: The closing time of an asset is automatically extended an additional 3 minutes whenever a bid is placed within the last 3 minutes of the asset's closing time.

BID NOTIFICATION: If you have been outbid you will be notified by email until the close of the sale. To quickly review your bids and see if you have won you can utilize the 'review bids' feature. Items that they have been outbid on will be clearly marked.

WINNING BIDDER NOTIFICATION: You will be contacted by email ONLY (you are responsible for checking your email). If you feel you have won an item and have not received an email you must notify us by email no later than 9am the next day. If you do not receive a paid email invoice then you did not win any items at the online auction.

NON-DELIVERY: In the event an item is not available for pickup, the buyer must, notify our onsite staff and file a claim by replying to your original emailed invoice noting what was not available within 24 hours of the pickup date. After 24 hours, the Auctioneer and buyer agrees that no adjustment or refund will be made.

CAUTION: For demonstration purposes various equipment may be joined. Do not assume a lot consists of more than one item simply because they are connected or pictured together. Please inspect the lot numbers and read the descriptions.

CATALOG DESCREPENCIES: You are bidding on the described item, not the photograph. Occasionally the wrong photo may be displayed so always read the item description and inspect items in person. In the event that a Seller has withdrawn an item from the sale prior to the close of the auction, RCI may leave the item on the catalog and "buyback" the item on behalf of the Seller to establish RCI's earned commission and buyer's premium due RCI from the Seller."

Buyers that do not remove their items within the specified removal times will have their bidding privileges suspended and you will be required to contact the administrator to reactivate your account. (2) Occurrences will result in permanent suspension of bidding privileges.

DAMAGE: Any damage caused by a buyer during the preview, or during the period of removal must be made good by the buyer causing the damage. Buyer agrees that the credit card on file will be charged for any expenses and/or repairs to the pick up location or property of another buyer.

IMPORTANT! RCI Auctions will have the option of reselling, removing, storing or abandoning, at the expense and risk of the purchase, items not paid for and/or removed within the specific time. The buyer agrees to pay all deficiencies, legal, collection; transportation and storage expenses associated with delinquent accounts or abandoned items.

CHOOSE WISELY: We want every one to get a good deal and most will. However, when you bid on the wrong item or decide an item is not suited for your intended use, our clients are not willing to assume the cost of your mistakes. When in doubt about condition, completeness or suitability for intended use, please bid accordingly.

RCI Auctions reserves the right to add or remove items from the auction sale, Split or combined lots, add minimum bids or reserve prices, Cancel, suspend, extend or reschedule an individual item and or auction event, make change's to the auction closing times or inspection or removal times.

CLAIMS: Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this contract and/or agreement, or breach thereof, shall be settled either in Small Claims Court if the dispute in question amounts to less than $5,000, or by means of arbitration in accordance with the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association if the dispute amounts to more than $5,000. In the event of arbitration, judgments upon the award rendered by the arbitrator(s) may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. Venue in either case will be Cuyahoga County, Ohio.

In the event of a bidder default and /or chargeback bidder agrees that RCI may collect payment for items, including cost associated with items to be relocated, discarded or stored, either by arbitration small claims court or state court at RCI discretion, and that any judgments awarded may be applied to the bidder personally or corporately.

LIABILITY: RCI Auctions and Sellers liability shall be limited to the refund of bidders purchase price.

LIMITATIONS: The above-stated terms and conditions of Sale cannot be altered except in writing by RCI Auctions.

Directions The seller for this sale's contact info is: 304 West Second St, East Syracuse, NY 13057. Phone: 315-427-5544
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